Simple Stock Model aggregates financial and economic data so that investors can easily form a comprehensive data-based outlook on the market. This is a completely free resource provided by Movement Capital


Investors are constantly exposed to sound bites and data points presented without the proper context. You might have read an article about how stocks have historically bounced when sentiment has reached a negative extreme. Or that you should be out of the market if it’s trading below its 200-day moving average. When I came across articles like that, I always thought it was short-sighted to base an opinion on the S&P on only one indicator without also considering a wide variety of other inputs.

The goal of this website is to be a dashboard where you can quickly look at a number of different indicators and see how following simple filter rules for each indicator has historically performed relative to a buy & hold strategy. Additionally, the site’s composite model incorporates all of the below indicators. It serves as a comprehensive tool to analyze the state of the market in the short-term.

Click on the “How to Use” link for a quick walkthrough on how this site performs its analysis. I’m not looking to make any money off of this site, I’m simply trying to offer a resource that can hopefully help some people out. Do let me know if you find the site useful or if you’ve got any questions.


Price Momentum
Price Trend
Best Six Months
FOMC Drift
Buyback Blackout
NYSE Margin Debt


AAII Survey
SPY Shares Outstanding
NAAIM Exposure Index
CBOE Put/Call Ratio
Spot VIX Trend
VIX Futures Curve
ISEE Call/Put Ratio


Yield Curve
High Yield Spreads
TED Spread


Industrial Production
Retail Sales
Unemployment Rate
Housing Prices
S&P 500 EPS


All data on Simple Stock Model is refreshed each weekend. The site has been updated to reflect data as of 2/8/2019


If you have any questions about this site or any of the indicators it covers, send me an e-mail at

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